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Currently pursuing a lifelong interest in creation of art, both two and three-dimensional.  Present focus is Art Pottery (mainly wheel thrown, working in traditional firing and Raku) and watercolor painting.  


I started painting (oil) in college and kept up with it for several years, during which I was privileged to study with the well-known painter and illustrator Edward Runcie.  In recent years I have developed my skills in watercolor and ceramics (pottery).  For the latter, I have had the privilege to receive guidance and inspiration from local potters Jeremiah Houck and Jamie Howard.  


My artistic view is best described as collaborative, where the medium and the artist each bring specific elements to the production of the final work.  I respect this relationship in all my artistic endeavors and particularly in working with clay, where the characteristics of the clay and the processes to bring it to final form work together with the inspiration and guidance of the artist to produce the final object.  This relationship also speaks directly to my current interest in the watercolor medium. 


(John holds an MA in Education, an MA in International  Affairs, and State of California    K-12 and Community College Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials) 

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